Multiple Temp Sensors w/ OLED display

Hey everyone, I'm pretty new to Arduino's but I have same basic electrical and coding experience. I've been wanting to start a project to work on in my free time and to make something unique for my car. Basically the gauge cluster on my car has a perfectly good spot to cut up (don't worry that will be the easy part for me haha) and fit an OLED screen that can display various temperature sensors' data. Obviously I could spend a few hundred dollars on some gauges that would perform the same function, but what would be the fun in that.

The basic plan would be to install an ambient air temp, coolant temp, and oil temp sensor and run that data through an arduino which would then display the data on the display. Ideally I would also connect a button that would be pressed to switch which sensor data is being shown on the screen. Maybe I'm just inexperienced, but this doesn't seem like it should be too complicated so I should be able to accomplish this, correct? Being that I'm not really too familiar with the capabilities of arduino boards, my main question is which arduino board would be best for this project? Also, besides the obvious sensors and wires, is there any other hardware that I'll need? I assume I would need some type of relay board.

I'm also concerned about powering the arduino and display, but I can do my own research about that. I can also do my own research on the coding part. I'll be learning as much as I can before really getting into the project. Any advice or ideas for this project would be greatly appreciated. Sorry If I am slow to respond, I'm usually pretty busy during the day or I get sidetracked by life haha.

Yes that should be quite straightforward. Look at Adafruit they have a few very nice OLED displays.
Any Arduino board should do, so go for the Uno.