Multiple temperature and humidity sensors on single arduino

Hi, i want to connect 30 humidity and temp. sensors with wired network and to get their data at same time on a monitor, how to so it

how to so it

Well first of all what " humidity and temp. sensors" are you planning to use? Do they have digital or analogue outputs. If the answer is analogue then you need an analogue multiplexer board, either make or buy. But ...

How far are these sensors apart? If it is a long way you might want to look at the 1 wire bus and its chips.

first thing to figure out is what sensors. what resolution you want, and what resolution you can afford. then get life of the units. I recently read that the venerable DHT11 has about an 18 month life.

get links to the data sheets and post them.

there is some way to make them work. the parts needed to get all the information is dependent on the devices you pick. your first task is to pick the sensors. that will work for you.

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