Multiple Temperature Sensors

Hello People!
Can anyone help me with a doubt ?
I can use multiple temperature sensors in one arduino board ?

I have a datacenter and I need control temperature of room.
I need put multiple sensors around the room.
It’s possible ? Or I need 1 arduino board for one sensor ?

Thanks !

I think this solved my problem...

I'm right ?

Check the DS18B20 sensor - -

enough samples to get you up and running!

robtillaart: Check the DS18B20 sensor - -

enough samples to get you up and running!

And it should be pointed out that many of them can be strung together on one OneWire bus and use only one Arduino pin for the lot!

Despite being called the OneWire bus you need Vcc and GND too, so its three wires (there is a parasite mode which uses only 2 wires, but its trickier to get working well I think.)

MarkT, Thanks for your help! :)

When you say "use only one Arduino pin for the lot", the exit of data is all 3 temperatures ? Because the arduino use serial data, it's right ? Thanks again!

Each DS18B20 has a serial number, so the temperatures from each are reported separately.

1-wire is also called Microlan by the manufacturer... the idea being that each device uses a unique serial number and behaves like a slave "HOST" on the 1-wire network bus... (LAN). Therefore, you can have multiple sensors and only use 1 arduino signalling pin.

Ok I'll try. Thanks kd7eir.

Take a look at Rik's blog here:

He goes through the whole process of setting up and using multiple temperature sensors with Arduino, lots of code examples etc..

Also some How-To here: At the bottom you will also see a waterproof version of the same sensor.