Multiple temperature sensors


I'd like to get 10+ temperature sensors working on an Arduino Uno. I saw digital ones on Adafruit and Sparkfun but from what I understand, you can only have one working at a time. Is my best bet using the 6 analog pins and going with analog sensors? Is there any way to hook up more sensors?

You will need extra hardware if your want to connect 10 analog temperature sensors to our 6 analog input pins.

I would use the DS18B20 or DS18S20 digital temperature sensors. You can string as many as you want on a single pin (they each have a unique address). The main drawback is that they take up to 750 milliseconds to take a reading. You can trigger them all at once and then (750 milliseconds later) read them in whatever order you like.

eaaiest is johns solution, i multiplex pt100 sensors to a converter with relais having 4 changeover contacts each relais having 2 pt100 sensors all grounds are connected precision better 0.01 celsius