Multiple TFT LCD screens?

Hi guys, I'm building a FPV (First Person View), Grond station for my RC flights, and i'm gonna use arduino, but i'm very new into electonics, so i would love to have a little help from you guys.

I wonder if its possible to use 3 TFT screens on one single arduino board, and i also want to know which TFTs is compatible. I'm gonna mount the TFTs on separate places in the Ground Station.

What do the displays have to do?
Just simple instrumentation graphics?

Yes, one would do a simple compass graphic, im thinking of rotating a bitmap, one is gonna be an attitude indicator, and the third is gonna show text about altitude, battery voltage, temperature, etc.

I'm not sure rotating a bitmap is going to be possible in any reasonable timescale.
Why three?
Why not just one larger display?

Well, first of all I'm gonna use a 17" inch wide-screen for video input, and my initial thought was that it would look very nice with three different TFTs under that bigger screen,
but of course its not a must.

So you'd say i dont get it fast enough with bitmaps? What way could be the best for displaying graphics in a somewhat realtime manner, rendering them?