Multiple TFT LCD screens?

Good day Everyone, first of all thank you in advance for those who will react and reply to my post here.
im a beginner in arduino, and im currently working on a project that will display a randomized question on all of the lcd but should be the same output for each. So if i randomized a question on one lcd, the others should output the same question as well. I was wondering how i can do that, with one arduino only, im will be using 2.4inch tft lcd for the lcds.

if one arduino is not possible, how can i output the same question for 4 sets of arduinos that is randomized. Sorry for my bad english and thank you in advance!

Yes, assuming you are using an SPI interface you can wire 4 displays in parallel using the same set of Arduino pins to all displays. EXCEPT only wire the MISO line from the Arduino to one display.

Be aware of the 5V to 3.3V logic problem that many users encounter. Also make sure the Arduino can supply enough current to power all the backlight LEDs, typically around 50mA per display for 2.4" TFTs. Some displays need a series current limit resistor for the backlight LED supply, in this case use 1 resistor for each display backlight supply.