Multiple thermometers and a fan control

I got a smoker for christmas and it has some airflow issues that need to be tended to constantly while smoking something. There is a modification I would like to make to it which I think would work fantastically with an arduino board, only issue is I have no idea what I need for it. What I would like to have is three separate thermometers which would average their values and turn the blower on if the temp drops below a given value. Best case I can monitor/control all this via another computer on my home network. First off, is this possible? Second off what exactly would I need? Not sure what size blower I would be using.



Not only is this possible, but it has been done by multiple people already. Here is some information from someone who did this:

I am myself working on the same project (though I am not following any existing projects as I am using this as a learning project). I am going to start doing some blog posts following my progress and putting my code up in the next few days here, but I am pretty far from done.

Out of curiosity which smoker do you have?

Awesome, thanks for the link! My specific smoker is the GrillPro 31840, difficult to keep the temp up especially during the winter.