Multiple Uno with shift reisters

Ok, first and foremost, thanks for any help received. So here’s what I’m wanting to do. Wirelessly (rf) control an Uno (master) to 3 separate slave Uno’s or nano if possible. Each slave will have three shift registers to control three 7-segment displays. So setup something like this. Remote control with Uno or nano with rf transmitter with 10 buttons. One for each digit and a reset. Or possibly a momentary dpdt rocker to switch numbers up and down. Transmit about 300 feet away to my master Uno. Then, send signal to whichever slave to change the digit on the segment displays. A total of 9 segment displays. 6 of them are 16" and 3 are 12". All made with LED strip lights 14 sections total per digit. Strip lights are doubled up for each segment. Each slave would control 3 shift registers a piece. So, is this possible? Maybe another way to simplify it. :slight_smile: Oh and by the way. It’s for a scoreboard for a middle school.

Also, I am a complete noob when it comes to this. However I learn quickly!

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So basically you have

  • 3 independent score boards.
  • Two Boards 16" display, One Board 12" display.
  • You are using LED strips to make your giant segments.
  • Each score board has a UNO or Nano
  • Each board has 3 x 7 segment displays.
  • You will have a master UNO that has an array of buttons to control each board.
  • The comms is an RF system.

Yes that is doable.

Can you please tell us your electronics, programming, Arduino, hardware experience?

Thanks… Tom… :slight_smile:

Totally possible.

You do have to get a good handful of power MOSFETs (e.g. the IRL540) and resistors as well as a few rather powerful power supplies. You can't drive the LEDs with the shift registers directly.

The main worry may be the wireless connection - if that has to go through a wall it may not work, if you have line of sight that will be totally OK.