Multiple (up to 200) piezos playing 1 tone simultaneously

Hi all, I am working on a project in which I would like around 200 (qty) piezos to play 1 tone simultaneously. I have not purchased an arduino or the piezos yet- so I can buy the correct thing. The piezos I would like to use are 12mm /1000 ohm impedance/9khz range. The tone may have to be fiddled with until I get the right frequency but then it will be a constant. I need all the piezos to play this frequency at the same time, for an extended period of time (like a day). They will be glued to thin porcelain pieces that will (hopefully) hum with the vibration.

I have found diagrams on how to set up a few speakers to the arduino, I have no idea how many I can use, or what the code would be for that.

Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated.


As they will be receiving the same signal what you need is some/a lot of transistors to amplify the signal, as its impossible to a single pin of the Arduino drive that amount of current.

You won't be able to drive all the piezos from one arduino pin but you will probably be able to drive about 10 in parallel from one darlington driver ULN2003, you get 8 in a package so you would have to use 3 of them.

I am assuming it is an art installation, it doesn't sound like much fun, a bit minimalist.

ok so if i get 16 darlington drivers, do those get used in an arduino or is it completely separate.

and yes it is an art installation but there is more to it than that lol

A darlington array is just a nice package for a lot of transistors, its used with Arduinos, just google about it and you will get a lot of results.