Multiple warning (not errors) in UTFT libraries

Hi all, after downgrading from Windows 7 to Windows XP (fresh install) and with the new 1.6.6 (or 1.6.7) version of the Arduino IDE, compiling with any of the UTFT libraries gives me this warnings:

warning: "pgm_read_word" redefined [enabled by default]

and after this warning a lot of other warnings such as "invalid conversion from string to char" in all of the libraries.

This happen even with the provided examples (I tought it was an error in my sketch).

I'm using the very latest UTFT Libraries (UTFT, UTFT_Buttons and so on).

Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you for any answer!

It seems that 1.6.6 and 1.6.7 do cause more warnings. At the moment I am ignoring them.

I have had new errors on some sketches that require changes to the the sketch to get them to compile. Those sketches work fine under 1.6.5.

Hi c0rsair,

Thank you for your help on my compile errors about an hour ago.

I was on Windows 10 and IDE 1.6.5 and had many sketches that reported no compile errors. About 2 months ago I moved to IDE 1.6.6 and all those sketches reported compile errors but did upload.

So short story - I went back to IDE 1.6.5.

So agree with all comments in the post. Hope that helps.

Here’s an example I had to fix that will not compile error free under 1.6.6 or 1.6.7

//  Move the conv2d() function here and it compiles OK
//  Leave it where it is and a "'conv2d' was not declared in this scope" error is generated

uint8_t hh=conv2d(__TIME__), mm=conv2d(__TIME__+3), ss=conv2d(__TIME__+6);  // Get H, M, S from compile time

void setup(void) {}

void loop() {}

uint8_t conv2d(const char* p) {
  uint8_t v = 0;
  if ('0' <= *p && *p <= '9')
    v = *p - '0';
  return 10 * v + *++p - '0';