Multiple WiFiClient Clients with WiFiNINA Library?

Hi, I'm using a WiFiNINA based captive portal style WiFi configuration manager which automatically handles connecting to the internet, presumably with WiFi.begin() somewhere in a shadowy crevice of nested .h files. I would like to have two separate instances of WiFiClient clients in order to be able to receive an audio stream from an Icecast2 server while simultaneously connecting with a MySQL database and storing sensor data periodically. Does anyone have any idea how to go about having more than one client instance? I haven't been able to find any documentation about it in the WiFiNINA docs, and I haven't had much luck finding anything on the forums about it. Thanks!

WiFiClient client1;
WiFiClient client2;
WiFiClient audioStreamClient;
WiFiClient mysqlClient;

Thanks for your response Juraj. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work with any name other than "client"
I'm not sure if perhaps it's a reserved word because it turns blue when its in the IDE as opposed to any other variable name I give it like "audioClient"

More specifically, audioClient never becomes available even though there is an active WiFi connection. client somehow does become available. Does that make sense?

And audioClient.connect() fails where client.connect() succeeds.

so you say, if you rename the variable client in a working sketch with only one client, then it fails to connect?

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