multiple wireless pirs, single receiver

I am using cheap pirs and 433 rf tx rx modules with nanos. I got transmitter to send different msgs. Corresponding msg gets printed to serial print. I can not get different leds to light according to msg tho. So, pir 1 sends "one", pir 2 sends "two" etc. How do I read vw buf to make pin high ?

RF_REC.ino (935 Bytes)

Looking for possible reasons this wont work.
3 pirs, 433mhz transmitters nano, when tripped # 1 sends "1", or #2 sends "2", or #3 sends "3".
receiver code : if it =1 then do this, if it = 2 then this, etc. Seems simple enough

Seems simple enough

Can't disagree with you
Best of luck

I'd try the 433 MHz devices though - they're a bit quicker.