Multiple Xbee devices

Hi All,

I am trying to get all of my controllers to work with xbee ZB S2

I have about 50 controllers each have two motors on them, I have setup serial commands on the Arduino boards so I can send serial commands and it moves the motor and so on. I have a coordinator setup and two routers, I need to know how I get the coordinator to select which device I would like to talk to. I don't want all of the devices to do the same thing. I would like to pick the device and send it the serial data and then change to the next device.

Any Ideas


If AT (transparent) mode is employed, this will require changing the DH and DL parameters each time a new receiving device needs to be designated. This includes waiting for the guard time without transmitting (default 1 second), sending the "+++" command sequence, waiting another guard time, receiving the OK, then setting the parameters. Quite an onerous process especially with 50 devices, unless they don't need to be rapidly addressed one after another.

If API mode is employed, the address of the destination device is simply included in the packet, which is sent to the transmitting XBee without guard times or command sequences. I highly recommend this library for working with API mode, it makes things much easier: