Multiplex analog inputs using IC4051


I have a plan to make over 16 analog inputs.

As a result, I found IC4051 and here is a datasheet.

However, I’m confused how to connect this ic.

Because I’m a beginner, I cannot understand the datasheet well.

I understand that I can use eight-extra-inputs;however, it is very hard to know where I have to connect A,B,C,Vss,Vdd,Vee pins to my Arduino(Atmega8).

I’m going to connect a lot of potentiometers and triggers.
(6 default-analog-inputs are not enough)

Also, I want to know whether I have to make addition programming codes when I use IC4051.

Thank you.


there is an article in the forum already explaining how to read 16 inputs using the MC14067, look for it