Multiplexer & 7 segment LED display advice!

:)Hello to all! I'm slightly perplexed at which multiplexer or device to use with just one 7 segment LED display! I want some advice on the simplest and or cheapest to use. There is the possibility then that I may use two 7 segment displays together for double digits! Any advice appreciated thanks, Goatboy :)

2 7 segment led displays = 14 individual led's this could be run from Arduino without multiplexing or anything but a current limiting resistor for each LED segment.

You can also get IC's that are dedicated to drive 7 segment LED's.

Check this:

Thanks MikMo! Is the 4511 basically the same for all the different company's that seem to make it? Goatboy :)

Yes they probably are, but it is always a good idea to check the individual one you look at at They often have extra letters at the end like CD4511XXX. These letters has a meaning.

Sometimes they indicate a through hole package (DIL) or surface mount package (SMD) sometimes they indicate that the IC has built in buffer or not.

Excellent! Thanks :)