multiplexing 4 imus(mpu6050) using 3 4051 mux for sda,scl & int pins on due

iam using the dmp library provided by jrowberg. Its working well when i used 1 imu i didnt face any issues. While using 4 imus by selecting the selectlines of mux 4051, alternatively im facing issues. It gets struck up after 5 minutes and sometimes fifo overflow occurs which is not a big issue. Please help me out to go further.

Welcome to the forum. You will need to post your schematic and your code if you want people to be able to help you.

sure. the following is the code. I dont have a schematic.ready right now. but i have connected
sda-pin 20-(multiplexed of 4 sensors sda to due) with pullup 10k
scl-pin 21-(multiplexed of 4 sensors scl to due) with pullup 10k
int-pin 2(multiplexed)
multiplexer used 744051.(3 i have used for 3 sda scl int pins of mpu 6050)
3 select lines from digital pins 46,48,50 i have used

mux_output.ino (9.61 KB)

mpu_6_motion.h (41.6 KB)

MPU.h (43.4 KB)

And..... what do you see as output? How does this compare with what you expect? What are the errors? My ESP module isn't working