Multiplexing 7 Segment Display

Hi, I only realised a few days ago that one of the components I received in a kit was not a micro controller, and was infact a shift register.

I instantly realised the solution to my problem with multiplexing. Though I don't know how to control it. I have briefly looked up some information about it and I instantly became over-whelmed. Any help is appreciated.

7 Segment Display: 5101AS Shift Register: SN74HC595N Arduino Uno.

Hi and welcome.

That is a single digit display. There is really no need or point to multiplex it. Multiplexing is something you would do with multi-digit displays.

So i think your question is how to drive it with the shift register?

You need to connect the data, latch and clock lines to 3 arduino digital pins. The 8 outputs should be connected to the display's anodes using 8 series resistors (around 200~300R). The output enable pin can be connected to either ground, or if you like, to an Arduino pwm pin, so you can change the brightness. You should also place a 0.1uF cap accross the 5V and ground pins of the chip, close to those pins.

Have a look at the shiftOut() tutorial on the Arduino website. However, there is an error in the circuit diagrams on that page. The 0.1uaf cap should be connected as i described above and not connected to the latch pin at all!