Multiplexing - Nitinol, flexinol or aka shape memory alloy

Hi all :) Im just trying to get my head around an initial electronics solution with a project that would require 100s of little silent actuators. Specifically Im trying to figure out if an LED matrix such as the one in the link I have provided would work with using some shape memory alloy(SMA). Id guess that I would also need to use a Mosfet to get the extra current at the end but have no idea if this would work with the SMA.

link for basic 32x32 array for LEDS

Link for a FET output for the Nitinol wire SMA

So anyway would be quite interesting but is it possible? adam

LED multiplexed arrays work because LEDs only conduct electricity in one direction. To get the same effect with an array of SMA actuators you will need to put a diode in series with each SMA actuator. Without the diodes, every row would be shorted to every column through the SMA actuators and so you would not be able to control them individually.

Thanks John thats a huge oversight by me and an important tip thanks:) I also see that the current its pretty high for these things around 350mA for each SMA. But I guess I'm lucky there are some higher current Darlington arrays around such as this one.

Did you ever get this working? Awesome idea. :)

I am a hack newbie programmer as far as arduino is concerned so this topic is slightly over my head. For my day job I work at a manufacturer who processes and grinds various forms of nitinol. Occasionally we have scrap nitinol. If anyone is looking for random parts, let me know.