Multiplexing switch inputs with an i2c ic?

I'm not shure if something like that exist, I didn't find anything, maybe I'm looking in the wrong direction.

Is there some kind of IC that's capable of "sensing" a group of digital inputs (like a bunch of switch buttons) and provide their status on an i2c channel (e.g. a microcontroller asking for it on the i2c wire)?

I am thinking about a way of adding a bunch of switches to a system's UI without using other multiplexing methods. Since I'm already using i2c on the system I may as well hook up another device on the wire and let it act as an interface to those switches. That would simplify the project. But I really don't know if something like that already exist. Any hint?

Sorry about the noise ... I've already found out about the PCF8574 by myself :slight_smile: