Multiplexing Ultrasonics For Braindead Individuals

I am currently working on a robotics project. Due to size and budget constraints, I am unable to use an ATmega board, so I'm stuck with an Adafruit Metro and some offbrand motor/servo shield

Sensor requirements are 2 US-100 ultrasonic sensors and one MM8451 accelerometer.

Outputs are 2 D.C. motors, 2 servos, and an 8x8 LED matrix/backpack

Both ultrasonic sensors need to be read simultaneously as separate outputs.

I am a definite beginner in terms of electronics design, and so I'm wondering: Are there enough pinouts on a standard board such that multiplexing isn't even necessary? If not, then what would be the most painless way to go about multiplexing the sensors in order to achieve my goals?

Hi, please read the forum guide in the "please read" sticky post and post CLICKEABLE links to all components you have or have a requirement to use.

@hexagonaldingus’s parallel thread that’s perhaps hot quite a cross-post, but likely to result in duplicate efforts:

You cannot do it with what you have. You are asking for simultaneous readings. Remember the controller can only do one thing at a time, quite speedy but only one thing at a time. You can do them sequentially one right after the other. If you must to simultaneous readings you will need additional hardware. By multiplexing you can only read one at a time.
Good Luck & Have Fun!