Multiply analog inputs

Hello everyone,

I've got a new project going where I'm going to need about 12 potentiometers.

Am I thinking too big with the Arduino, or there something neat I can be using.


There are analog multiplexers which are apparantly easy to come by.

The catch is you can only read from one input at a time. You switch between them.

I'm building a step-sequencer, so I think one at a time would be a-ok. Thanks so much for your help!

I just found this if anybody else stumbles upon this thread.

Are you making a midi step sequencer or CV? I was just curious, if you're going to output cv, what you were planning to use for the D-A portion.

It's midi now, but I'd love to output CV. I collect analog synths, so that would allow me to have a lot more fun :) I'm making this for my Source which I did the midi conversion on and my Poly 800.

I'm very interested to know if you do anything like this with CV.

I'm very interested to know if you do anything like this with CV.

Not yet, but I would like to. I recently posted a gate sequencer I made over on the exhibition forum. For that I'm obviously just pulling a voltage straight off the digital pins. I hope to keep slowly adding features though, and eventually including a D-A to make it into a full cv sequencer.

Yum, that sounds awesome.

I have the Doepfer MAQ316 which does a pretty damn good job, but it's a little overkill. I want a little portable battery powered 6-step sequencer with velocity sliders. So that's what I'm building :)

Good luck in your venture!!