Multitasking STM32duino

hello master! I'm confused.

now i am trying to program the vc0706 serial camera and the gps sensor ublox neo 6. using stm32duino.

the problem is that when the camera takes pictures, the data from the GPS stops and returns after the picture is finished.

I really need help with my work. I plan to use the multitasking method so that the two sensors can run together. so freeze data doesn't happen again.

can multitasking method be used for vc0706 and gps using stm32duino ..? please help, information or link code !!

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You might find that freeRTOS can be a solution but it will, on a STM take up extra ram.

On an ESP32 (dual core) freeRTOS is a built-in library and will allow you to run one task on one core and the other task on the other core.