Multiturn step motor


i know with a step motor you can set angle position with 1,8° accurace. My question is: Can you set an angle on a step motor with more than 1 000°. What do you need?

If you mean one thousand degrees then you can get to either 999 degrees or 1000.8 degrees with full steps.

With 1/8 microsteps you will be able to move in increments of 0.225 degrees. However the motor won't be able to hold position at a factional step as well as it can at a full step position.

Stepper Motor Basics
Simple Stepper Code

Steppers hold position pretty much the same whatever microstep phase you are at, but you won't get better position holding with microstepping, under load the motor will pull upto 1/2 step before skipping, so the basic
accuracy is still 1/2 a step even with fine microstepping, unless the load is small, but you get smoother operation.