muscle sensor v3 with arduino uno

hello and good day. im working on my fyp which is related to the hand gesture in controlling home appliance. by using the coding given on, i am actually stuck and confused to what actually this sensor output will displayed. i dont know if im on the right track or not. as there is no further explanation on it. i am getting weird number from the serial monitor.. and how i can drive a dc motor from the muscle signal output by using arduino uno. please help me anyone and a very big thank u if someone can give me some thought on this.. :disappointed_relieved:

p/s: i am a new leaner

Well if you look at at the manual linked from the link you gave, it seems that it producesa rectified, smoothed sine wave, ie a more or less "flat" wave which presumably depends on the state of the muscle. If that means the muscle is extended or contracted I have no idea, so I suppose you'll need to hook it up to your arm and see.

It says the signal's output is up to Vs.... bit worrying that they show 9V connected to the unit and then to the Arduino which would then put Vs = 9V into a 5V pin. That's not good.

But, assuming you give it 5V, you'll get 1023 on the analog pin for 5V signal, and 0 for 0V. You'll need to do some interpretaion of that I guess.

To make that drive a motor, well have a look at this example, where the analog input from a pot (which is exactly the input you'll get) is used to set the PWM for an LED which could just easily be used for a motor through a transistor.

But you don't actually say what this means:

drive a dc motor from the muscle signal

oh i get it what u mean...a big thanks for giving me ideas..but im a little bit frustrated as my sensor just detect and read value in range of 20-40 despite of various gestures i've u have any suggestion on that?

Experiment with adjusting the “gain” potentiometer, and also grounding out any unused analog pins, worked for me. - /blee/