Muscle Sensor?

For my next project, I want to use a sensor to locate or track a muscle say in your biceps so when you're working out, you know what muscle is being used by an led which is either green or red depending if you are working that muscle. What sensor is this called?

Thanks, -Ethan

What sensor is this called?

Nothing as such, there is no such sensor.

You might want to try and pick up electrical activity, in which case you want to google heart monitor schematic for electrical pickup and amplifiers.

However you might want to detect the expansion of the muscle in which case you need to look up chest expansion sensors

ok thanks!

Sounds like you're looking for an electromyography (EMG) sensor. It measures the electrical activity of a muscle. You can use one to turn on a LED when the muscle flexes and turn it off when it's relaxed.

Sparkfun just added one as a new product:

I also think you are looking voor an EMG sensor, but i recommend the EMG sensor from delsys because it performs better at more sweaty situations.