Music analyzer


I'm pretty new to the whole arduino thing and actualy just started my first project. Btw if my english sucks that's because I'm just a kid from Belgium.

So I bought myself a traffic light, yeah I now it's weird but I tought it was cool. I managed to be able to control it with my arduino and some relais.

The thing I want to do is write a script to make it a disco light or something like that. Let's say one flashes as many times as there are beats per minute. One flashes when there is a lot of bass and the last one flashes with high tones. This is all just an idea, I just want my own disco light.

If you have any idea how I could do this please comment. I searched for somethings on the internet but didn't find anything really usefull so I'm asking here.

Thanks in advance!

Your regular 16 year old boy with a traffic light

Search for "Arduino colour organ" and see if any of those projects give you any ideas.