Music Controling LEDs using MaxMsp


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Hi guys,
just wondering if you can help me i want to control my Leds using Music with maxmsp, i already got them turning on and off in max but was wondering if you can help me controling them with pitch, amplitude and beat.. etc i am using 2 shift registers (74HC595) and got so far on a breadborad 16 LEDs. this will soon be 3 shift registers and each pin on the shift register will have 3-4 leds so there will be groups of them and the end of the project being different colours and etc.

if you guys can point me in the right direction that would be awesome XD


Where do you want to get this information from? Is it from the audio waveforms or from Max itself. The second is easy but the first is a bit more tricky.
It is all well and good saying wou want to control them but you have to know exactly what you want to do with them before you can write code.

thanks anyways, due to the long period it took for people to reply i have managed to work it out XD

thanks for your intrest

Two days is a long period? hmm...

Maybe you can share how you did it, so others can profit from it as well?
That's kind of the thing that makes this forum great, sharing information.