Music playback via USB, SD or AUX

Hey, ive been searching for a solution for the media playback from my headunit in my car. It can playback music from AUX, USB and SD but with such a massive library of mp3's and a changing nature of genres i want to listen to each day im looking for an idea that would let me pull music from the data source using buttons assigned to different areas of the mp3 library. Any ideas?

No, unless all the involved devices have connections for being remotly controlled. Audio and Ardiono is not exactly an easy task.

You helped alot believe it or not. ive completely shifted gears and gone with an RPI with a voice assistant that pulls music from a local source.

Having the system design clear is a must in order to design the small parts. Good luck! An Rpi is a powerful device, one of the few that can handle audio I think.