Music Player Kiosk

Hi all,
I'm new to Arduino. I'm looking to build a music kiosk, kind of like one at stores or museums where you push a button to hear a song or someone talk. I am pairing an Arduino Uno with the Wave Shield. I would like to be able to assign a song to each of at least six buttons and if someone were to press a button while another song was playing, the current track could be interrupted. Is this project possible, and do you have any suggestions in designing this? I haven't been able to find much online on this particular kind of setup. Thanks,

Yes, quite possible.

I would look at modifying the serial contril sketch onthe WAV shield examples page:

"This one plays 4 different files depending on serial characters,"

That sketch appears to have the needed libraries, the read the files part, and the interrupt part. Swap out the section with some button reads and you might be halfway home.