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I am very much new here. Is it possible to make Christmas tree Music show controller using Arduino Due R3?. I already have this board, so would like to know if I can use this for Christmas tree Music show controller.

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A good place to start might be File > Examples > > ToneMelody and the associated tutorial:

That will give you an idea of how to get your Due playing a tune and verify your hardware is working. Then you can expand that into the Christmas songs. I know there is a library for playing RTTTL ring tones and you can probably find the RTTTL for any common song you like.


Thank you for the link and this will be my first work with the board.

Note that the Due has more limited current from the pins than the 8 bit based Arduinos this means you can not drive LEDs with as much current as you do with others.

Also if driving a WS2812b LED strip, you have to boost the Due’s 3V3 output signal to 5V with some sort of buffer.


So which board you suggest?

Can you advise me please?


Please provide more details of what you're trying to accomplish.

It is not a matter of which board, it is just that you have to design things differently for 3V systems than 5V systems. In general 5V systems are simpler to interface to LEDs. So an Uno or Mega would be a good fit, but if it is just driving an LED strip then it is not difficult to have a simple level shifter.

Please provide more details of what you’re trying to accomplish.

My Final goal is for making a small light show (Christmas tree kind).

If you provide more details you might get better help. First it was a music show, now it's a light show.

Exactly which type of lights (hint: LED is not a sufficient answer)?

How many lights?

How is music involved?