musical applications

i am a musician looking for ways to use the arduino for playing, recording or any other suggestions

There is the Wave Shield for playing music. Not sure what you could do to make it a recorder.

There are also many options out there for MIDI shields.

Go old school with some tape recorders and some old tapes; use the Arduino to control the capstan drives, maybe implement some servos or something to control fast forward/reverse; add current sensors or optical sensors to sense the leaders of the tape; set things up to record then play backwards/forwards/varying speeds...


you can play waves at an accurate musical frequecy, even MIDI controlled. (heres mine!)

you can input MIDI and use it to control audio ICs or things like motors or servos or whatnot for electromechanical sound.

you can make an unusual MIDI controller, sequencer, or drum trigger

you can process sound in a limited way for lo-fi effects.

probably a lot more!

dude that synth is so killer! very very very very very nice job!

thanks guys for the ideas-i dig the idea for the tape machine in warp speeds-definately will try-i still have a Tascam 38 1/2inch to play with