Musical Handrail

I know this idea has been done a ton of times, but I got my hands on a Mux Shield from and decided to give it a try. Here is a video of the process, installation and tests.

I was considering adding a pot to each step so the samples can be changed and sort of programmed via the pots to play different melodies or beats. Any suggestions or critiques would be welcome.

Cool... 24 steps? Add some more notes at foot height, maybe with a break beam sensor on each step?

Since it's for our main entrance and gets a lot of use, I wanted the employees to be able to avoid playing sounds if they wanted.

I have a feeling not everyone is as easily amused as I am. =)

Awesome! Just guard your computer well in case someone wants to upload some fart sound to one of the sensors ^_^

BTW, I've bought the sensor from sparkfun and yes it's easy to hook up.