Musical tones with analogWrite?

Hi all,

So, this was my idea:

I make a speaker with the simple idea of surrounding a paper cone with a tight wire and making the electricity go through it. But I wouldnt use it for simple mp3’s or something, but the µc would perform analogWrite to send a C4 or something like it.
This option is still my first choice. But I have looked all over the internet, and no-one seems to have tried this. What I need to know is: is the tone produced by the amount of voltage, or the amount of ampère? If so, is there a way to reduce the ampère in a sent signal from the µc?

Might the resisting be a problem? And if it is about ampère, does the world have ampère-measurers for sale?

Thank you in advance,

I don't really understand your speaker concept, but Arduino has a dedicated function to produce tones:

As for meassuring current (ampere or miliampere) any cheap digital meter can usually do that.