Must I use a darlington array for the unipolar?

The question is in the title but heres more info: Can I use a SN754410NE H-Bridge for a unipolar stepper or must I use a darlington array?

If I CAN use the SN754410NE H-Bridge then how would I connect it? The pins are much more different than a darlington array's.

The first circuit on this page shows a circuit for the L293D which is equivalent to the SN754410NE: And if your motor has 6 it can be connected in a bipolar configuration so you could use it with the bipolar circuit further down the page.

Unipolar motors have 8, 6 or 5 wires. If its 8 or 6 wire then you can wire it as a bipolar (4-wire) no problem. However the 5-wire motors have A and B winding centre taps connected together which might cause issues if wired as bipolar - although I think you will get away with it.

The darlington array is just a simple one-chip solution to driving a unipolar - bipolar motors can't be so easily driven. Personally I think the 8-wire configuration is the best - you can treat as unipolar, or wire as bipolar in series or in parallel - very flexible.

If you drive a unipolar motor wired as a bipolar you can get more torque and power out of it, note.