Mutimeter burned: is it gone?

Hi all,
I’m so stupid that I overcharged the 9V battery pack for my digital multimeter. It literally burned!
I open it, and it seems that only one capacitor is gone. If anyone has a VOLCRAFT VC130 it will be very helpful to know the right values of burned capacitor…

I posted a couple of photo here

Thank you!!


Are you sure you didn’t accidentally reversed the battery polarity? That could burn a capacitor like that. From the pictures it’s not totally clear but I assume this is just a power supply stabilizing capacitor and if so your multimeter should work fine without it - does it? If you want to replace it just pick a capacitor of about the same size, one that can handle 16 V or more.

Thank you for the answer - no, I’m pretty sure that I didn’t reversed the battery pack (there is a huge picture inside showing how to do it :smiley: ).

I tried to understand the circuit and it seems, and I agree with you. It seems to be a stabilizing capacitor, but the multimeter isn’t working anymore, it is completely off.

I think the right value is around .010 microF, I’ll try next week, even if SMD elements are for me completely new…