MUX 64 and more Rotary Encoder + Ring led + mini OLED display for midi controler

Hi All,
I've got personal project to create huge Midi surface controler with lot of rotary+ring led +tiny OLED display, maybe few buttons and leds too....

For Led i've planned to use 74HC 595
For switch certainly a 74HC165
But i'm stuck with rotary encoder.....i've seen some schematics with 74HCT251 others with 4051
What is the must usefull and fairly to use with 595 and 165 or if you have another stuff to propose ???

Concerning the oled display i'll use this

I've already 1 and it's working great, but on my project i want to use more than 10 and i really don't know how to do.
I'm sure someone will help me?

Thanks for all.


Lots of rotary encoders is going to be a problem, you need to pole them at about 1000 a second to get a reasonable responsive rate, and that is each Encoder not the lot.

I often think there might be a better way to do this than just looking at each Encoder in turn. After all you only have two hands, there should be a way to monitor each Encoder in turn but when it detects a movement it locks onto that one Encoder. This is perhaps the most trick part of your project. There are rotary Encoder chips that turn the data into clock and direction pulses, they would make things a lot easier on the software side.

As to the OLED display the big problem is the amount of memory they need. Fitting more than one on the SPI bus is as simple as giving each one its own chip enable signal before you write to it.