MX-RM-5V & RC-Switch - No Signal

For the last few hours I am trying to decode a 433MHz signal using an MX-RM-5V and the RC-Switch library. However, the Arduino Nano does not seem to get any signal as it doesn't print anything in the Serial Monitor window.

As a transmitter I am using the FS1000A that is connected to another Arduino Nano. I know the transmitter works because I used Ultimate Radio Hacker to look for a wireless signal which I do see. To send code I am using the RC-Switch SendDemo program with a few lines commented out, i.e.

void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); mySwitch.enableTransmit(10); }

void loop() { mySwitch.sendTriState("00000FFF0F0F"); delay(1000); mySwitch.sendTriState("00000FFF0FF0"); delay(1000); }

For the receiver I use the RC-Switch ReceiveDemo_Simple program without any modifications. GND of the receiver is connected to GND of the Arduino Nano. VCC of the receiver is connected to the 5V pin on the Arduino Nano (there is about 4.6V). The data pin of the receiver is connected to the D2 pin on the Arduino Nano. The Arduino Nano is connected to the computer via USB cable.

When I hook up a scope to the data pin of the receiver I see a lot of noise, as expected. However, at least when it gets a real signal from the transmitter it should show something more reasonable similar to what I transmit. However, I can't see that. I have a few of the MX-RM-5V and switched them out but it didn't make any difference. The Serial Monitor window also stays blank.

Any help is appreciated.

I have a remote and decoded the signals it is sending out using an RTL-SDR. Using an Arduino, an MX-RM-5V and the RC-Switch library I am trying to detect when a button on the remote was pressed. I understand that RC-Switch has support for some built-in protocols but my remote doesn’t seem to use any of those protocols. I read some tutorial to use ReceiveDemo_Advanced to get what the remote is sending out. However, I am not getting any output on the Serial Port Monitor (I do get an output when I use an FS1000A transmitter so the receiver is working). The remote has the same frequency 434Mhz (probably rounded up from 433.9MHz). So how do I get this to work? I am also open to use a different library.

For your information, the remote sends a preamble of 0xAAAAAA. That’s the actual data but each bit of that actual data is encoded in 3 “transmission bits” where 0 is sent as 100 and 1 is sent as 110 (the actual bit is the middle one).

After the preamble there is a pause of 5.2ms. After that there is a long device ID, followed by the function. The address and function together are 66 data bits or 3*66=198 “transmission bits”.

@mulu, please do not cross-post. Threads merged.

I am sorry but I am pretty sure I created a new thread. I don't know how these two threads suddenly ended up in one thread.

mulu: I am sorry but I am pretty sure I created a new thread.

You did. A second thread about an essentially identical subject. Please do not do that.

I don't know how these two threads suddenly ended up in one thread.

I suspect you will figure it out.

Actually, they are different topics. The first issue I had was that the receiver didn't get any signal at all, not even from a matching sender. It turns out that the whole batch of receivers I had were bad. I happened to have another batch and those worked just fine. So that problem was gone.

This thread (that is now merged) is about how to get the receiver to work with my remote. As mentioned, it gets the signal from the FS1000A but for some reason it doesn't get anything from 3 different remotes I tried (ceiling fan remote, TV remote, AppleTV remote).

Well, thinking about it, I see how this could be considered as a similar problem but from my perspective it is two different issues (one a hardware defect, the other probably something else). The problem is still not solved, btw.

Ok, so it turns out RC-Switch cannot handle my remotes signal which consists or a preamble, a 5.2ms pause and then the actual 66-bit signal where 0=100 and 1=110. Are there alternatives to RC-Switch that can recognize such signals? Note that I don't care about the preamble and pause. I just need to signal that comes afterwards.