My project - Flight Controller

Hi all. First off, great community you all have here, and I'm happy to finally become an Arduino owner XD I have built myself through the Sparkfun Inventor's Guide from the Inventor Kit in two days, and feel like a proper geek allready hehe.

Anyway. For my project I am planning to connect a "3dconnexion SpaceNavigator" with USB to my protoshield, which will communicate with the 9 Degrees of Freedom - Razor IMU My mainboard is an Arduino UNO R3. (3dconnexion Spacenavigator)

So, I was wondering if I would be better off buying a USB Host Shield Or could I just cut off the USB plug on the SpaceNavigator and solder it onto a protoshield? And then program what is XYZ, thrust etc...

I am also adding the Triple Axis Accelerometer Breakout, to send data to my LCD Kit. Do I need some extra modules for this?

I know this is a Intermediate project, and I've probably gone over my head here. But I'll get it to work sooner or later, even if it takes me a year to do so 8)

I would think a host shield would be a good idea.

I don’t know how the SpaceNavigator presents itself to the host though. There is a 25MB driver download for the Mac, and a 123MB download for Windows. Unless someone else has already done it, you will have to figure out how to write a ‘driver’ for the Arduino.