My 3018 CNC lose communication when the spindle motor comes on

I found posts where people mention that the communication is lost in the middle of the job, but non stated that it coincides with powering the spindle..

If I remove the power from the spindle motor, the cnc will not lose communication and will operate and move in all three axis in accordance with the G-code. The communication loss only occurs when the spindle motor is energized.

It is obvious that it is a power issue, but other than replacing the spindle motor which may or may not solve the problem, I have no clue how to come about this issue.


Has it ever worked?

It is new

I supplied power to the spindle motor separate from the board, but the issue still hapen.

next shot is the USB cable.

it is a dc motor or an ac motor ?

It is a 24 volt dc motor

Spindle: 775 spindle motor (12-36V) 24V: 10,000rpm.

This is a short clip demonstrating the problem

I assume that sending it back for replacement is problematic?

I'd guess that either the spindle motor is electrically noisy enough to disrupt communications or it's causing power to the controller to dip. If it's that noisy, I'd suspect it is defective.

Can you get 24V to the motor from batteries to separate out brown-out from interference problems?

Add capacitors to the motor feed for filtering at the very least.

The cheaper CNC kits do often have minor issues with cable routing and the thinner guage wires they use.
Would also need to know exactly which spindle motor you have as some of them are nothing more than toys.

Many thanks youall

I will give the capacitor a try.

I also placed order for a spindle motor which will arrive in 2 weeks

I have the arduino stepper motor sheild and associated A4988 to change the control board. I have those items for a while but never had a chance to play with them.

I will start by changing the usb cable.

I know I will make it work at any cost.

I will keep you informed.

Many thanks for stoping by my post


Please add a link to the motor you want to use.
Do NOT buy a 775 series motor as there is too much play in them.

This is the link for the motor.

I do not belive how stupid I was

I spent 2 full days trying to solve this issue and it turned out to be data cable (USB cable)

It should have been the first thing I should suspect.

Because this is my first time ever experementing with CNC I was spread thin getting exposed to so many variables. Assembling the machine, studying fussion 360, easel, UCS, and so many other cam software. Only last week I have no clue what this world is. I was not thinking straight. What tricked me is that the cnc work beautifuly when the spindle motor is off and immediatly trips communication when the spindle motor comes on

Anyway I am glad it is over.

I request canceling the order for the motor from Amazon. I got a message that I attempted to cancel the order but no canceling confirmation yet.

In all cases my full regard and appreciation to all people tried to help.

Thanks for getting back with your fix Karma added.

That motor is only suitable for very very light work only and at very light cutting speeds.


Not sure what karma is, assuming it is good thing, I added one to you :sunglasses:

Its a good thing. Also quite rare LOL

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