my 4th arduino project: randomizing led selection JUST WATCH AND LIKE MY VIDEO!!


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Three and a half minutes to show us a randomly flashing light, and that you can't hold a camera steady?
BTW, the Arduino is programmed in C, not Forth.

  1. i dont have a tripod, or i could perfectly do as i want normally

2.what's that c thing and fourth thing your talking about

  1. im 13 (so i cant understand alot about elecronics, but i still like it)


Looks like you got no resistors on, you need that to not damage the led's and the arduino.

good idea,
but none of my leds were demaged,
exepte the 2 old ones because i used 5 volts on them :grin:

but none of my leds were demaged,

No but your arduino was damaged. It might still work for a time but you subjected your output pins to too much current and so you have weakened them and made them more likely to fail. The LEDs too will have a reduced life time.
This is why you need a current limiting device with LEDs.

ok, i have another question,

if i connect all leds for on pin, and that i connect only one resistor for all leds on the GROUND,

will it still be working

Yes but not very well. The brightness of each LED will depend on how many other LEDs are on at the same time. So the brightness will change depending on the number of LEDs that are on.

i just want to know if it wont affect my arduino.

If you limit the current from the arduino pin to below 40mA per pin and below 200mA overall then your arduino is safe.

thats what i had to know,

by the way, how much one arduino output pin have like voltage, 1.2 volts?

by the way, how much one arduino output pin have like voltage,

I assume you mean what voltage do you get from an arduino when it outputs a logic one.

The answer is at least 4.2V providing that no more than 20mA are being extracted from the output.

so is arduino ATmega is way more better then arduino uno?

No it is exactly the same processor but with more output pins.

HMMM, thanks
how to make this code using case switch, or case statement, something like that,
because i got a message on youtube (the guy who disliked my video) THAT ITS MORE BETTER for using
case switch thing

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NO, im from pakistan,
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so is arduino ATmega is way more better then arduino uno?

I assume you mean the Arduino Mega?

ATMega is the chip series that Arduino is based on, which includes the Uno. The Arduino Mega doesn't allow more current through the pins, if that's what you are asking.