My addressable LED parking distance sensor. [X-Post r/arduino]

I’ve finished the prototype of my parking sensor using LPD8806 LED strip and a Sharp IR Distance sensor. Using a Nano to drive it and a LDR to trigger.

It’s one of my first projects that actually has a purpose outside of seeing numbers on a screen or blinking LEDs proving that a sensor works.

You can see it here short gif format
Code is here

Please feel free to check out the code and tell me what I could do better, especially the LED strip function bit - I somehow cobbled it together and it works. I’ve tried to comment so you know what’s going on in the code. All feedback welcome and you guys have been a great resource so thanks!

I couldn’t find another project like this so thought I’d share the code if someone would like to build something similar. I tried to draw inspiration from an Audio VU meter and the code that has been written, but it all seemed too complex for me to understand.

How cool are addressable LEDs - I want to stick them to everything now!