My Advanced Realistic Humanoid Robot Project

Hello everyone! I'm planning to build a real life terminator type robot. I'm going to be using Arduino heavily for this project. I will have a main onboard PC computer in the chest of the robot and that will hook up by USB to a series of Arduinos. The Arduino boards will communicate with the main onboard PC in order to get instructions on where to move the motors in the robot's body. The Arduino boards will also reply back to the main PC letting it know its progress and letting it know other things like sensory input. By sensory input I refer to things like pressure sensors which will be used to measure muscle tension and collision detection.

My robot will ultimately be able to walk, talk, do chores, make facial expressions, paint paintings, manufacture products, do sports, dance, etc. It will also look very realistic. It will use silicone skin and a human-like bone structure. Custom servo motors will form a pulley system for muscle actuation. It will have webcams inside its eyeballs to give it computer vision of its surroundings. It will have advanced artificial intelligence. It will be a 30 year project I think.

I am very grateful to the Arduino community for all the tutorials and help I have gotten in learning how to control servo motors and how to interface Arduino into all my robotics and automation projects. I hope my project will serve to spread awareness of Arduino and more importantly the Arduino community.

Project website:

Exoskeleton Mesh of Face (Mold Making Method) For My Robot

Here is the latest progress on my build. It is an exoskeleton mesh of my face which I will use as a guide as I sculpt the skull and neck of my bot. It will also define the shape of the neck beneath the silicone skin.