my analog signal very noisy !!

hi analog signal (from sensor) is very sensitive to the noise..i dont want to sample the noise signal to deal with that by
arduino analog inputs? pls help

I think we need a little more information

It would help a lot if you told us:

-what senor it is
-where the datasheet for it can be found
-how you hooked it up to your Arduino

And maybe posted your code.

Sometimes noise is picked up from nearby wiring, especially when long cable runs are involved - how
long are any cables, are they shielded?

Right…but i have an other signals interfere with my signals …i filtered them …but some times , filter not respond…
so that im asking for solution

Sounds like a great random number generator.

Are you reading the same analog pin every time or switching between analog pins?

Filter is not shielded cable. But it is best to keep analog sensor to pins distance short.

Lastly, if you have too much resistor between the analog pin and ground it will take less effect to influence the reads.

A link to your specific sensor may help for a proper answer. The output impedance of the sensors can effect the reading if they are greater then 10K ohms. There are many methods both hardware assisted and software assisted that may be a help in your application, but we need more specific information about the sensor first, possibly a posting of your code and maybe even a drawing of your wiring.

Quality and effectiveness of answers is proportional to the quality and quantity of information you provide.