My Arduino ADA Fruit LED clock

Based on the equinox clock from Hack a day, this clock came into life.

Sorry no pics just now.

But it is an analogue clock which shows the time on a ring of LEDs you buy from ADA FRUIT - NEO PIXEL.

I have the 60 led one.

There are 24, 16 and 12 LED loops.

60 seemed the most logical.

It is still a bit “work in progress” as I was wanting to make it detect ambient light and adjust the brightness to suite. Hasn’t happened yet, but you can see the code there.

There is an alarm. I am sure you can add more if you want.

Time is set over the serial port. Pretty easy. Explained in the code.

It also dims the display to “Evening mode” and “Night mode” after certain times, and back again at other set times.

Again: These values can be set to what YOU want. As with the colours and brightnesses.


I take no real credit for the code. I got other stuff and stuck it together to do what I wanted.

Like it, hate it. Doesn’t really bother me. I just hope you can find it useful and maybe use it. (7.02 KB)