My Arduino and Android based Smart Home (Souliss)

there are many home automation protocols in the world and i think the best one is the stable one.
i choose Souliss based home smart and i designed some boards for my home
1)gateway board:this board include Atmega328+nrf24l01+enc28j60
2)Relay and LED Board:include 2 relays , 2 opto inputs , 3 RGB channel for controlling RGB LED strip.
i have 3 nodes and 1 gateway boards now
result of this project is 3 month without reset the boards
i made a video from these boards

you can find boards file and firmware on :

i hope this helpful for someone that looking about home smart

best regards,Joseph

As I told you on Souliss Forum, this is one of the most awesome videos about Souliss!!

I've various Souliss nodes working for a long time without problems too :) And when we've integrated the ESP WIFI we can make more interesting devices for our Souliss networks!

Ty for Sharing!!


Hello, I am beginner here, and I want to try control my light, and other electrical device with relay arduino and wifi-shield, but they are controlled with pi, can you explain to me the code and electrical wiring of it?

Hi rochmatsalim you can see all wiki about souliss project in if this not clear to you i can help you im following this mail list!forum/souliss there are a lot of people can help you to build your nodes


I examine Souliss but I don't understand perfect. I saw example codes from Github.

I have CC3000 Wifi shield. But there isn't code for CC3000 Wifi shield on Github examples.

Can you help me? Where I can find an Android application using Arduino?

I have Arduino codes for Home Automation. It don't works now. Maybe I can fix it soon. When I fix it, I'll make control via Android App. Please help me.

"Arduino Commander" is a good app that lets you issue commands from the app by showing a visual of the board, and the user clicks on the desired pin and sets the pinMode for A/D in/out and PWM. This is good if you want to turn things on or off strictly from your Android, and not have need for added code in a sketch. I'm building a similar project that AC receptacles are turned on/off based on RTC readings and/or temp/humidity sensor readings. But I also want to get my collected data and pin states to display on my website which is why this app is no good for me. Otherwise though, it's a great app IMO, though if you are using a Mega or Due with excessive amount of IO pins, you will need a stylus or extremely tiny fingers.