My Arduino burnt?

Hi to all, i've a problem with my arduino diecimila. I was trying to connect an LCD to Arduino but I made ??the serious mistake of connecting the pin that adjusts the contrast directly to gnd without resistance, as soon as I connected it I noticed that the LED light power has weakened, almost off. I've unplugged the usb power and removed all the pins. Since he did not feel it stinks, I reconnected the USB and tried to load a rpm code (seemingly fully functional in uploading) and I noticed that although he had not attacked the sensor, the L LED flashed at random and sent to serial monitor random numbers of rpm, which was not happening before (before the L light remained on or off and rpm result was always 0). But attacking the photocell and testing it, the result is 0 when it not closed as it has always done, and the cell when attached to motor seems to count the laps without errors. Can you tell me how can I figure out what I burned or damaged? maybe if there is a program that tests the functionality and hardware of arduino, to see if I need begin to order a new one.

Sorry for my bad english.

Here images of my arduino:

And the video of the problem:

You might get hold of a sketch named Arduino Explorer and load it to your arduino. You can then use it to look at the pins on you arduino. You can hook them to ground and see that they are all 0 , hook them all to +5 and see that they read 1, put some analog voltage into the Analog inputs and see what they read. It wants to load in Arduino 0.22 or 0.23, it wasn't written for 1.0.

I am not sure what you think those photos and video shows? The video shows what you would expect to see from an arduino reading an analogue pin with nothing connected to it. This is the normal behavior from a fully working board. The pictures just show a normal arduino.

mistake of connecting the pin that adjusts the contrast directly to gnd without resistance,

I can't see how this would affect the arduino, it might damage the LCD but you are putting a short on your USB power supply. It is just possible that you have damaged the poly fuse however so get a meter and measure the 5V line and see what it reads.