My Arduino compatible product


On April, 12, I wrote the following message to :

On March 29, 2019, I wrote the following mail to, getting no answer till now:
I'm interested in producing a controller board based on the Microchip ATMega 328p
and I'd like my customers to be able to use Arduino IDE for their applications development.
Is it possible to make it by participating in the AtHeart program?.
If so, how much is the licensing fee cited on the web page of AtHeart? How can I pay for it?
How can I know if my product is eligible for participating in the program?
Thanks in advance.
I´d like to get an answer, if possible. Positive or negative.

Submit your product. Don’t make them guess. Review other ‘At Heart’ product, and make sure you fit the profile of the connections Arduino is wanting to make. Perhaps your product could be a compatible product? You don’t need to be accepted for that, they have made the rules clear.

Please note that Arduino, the company, does not usually communicate through this forum. There are some Arduino employees who post here, but they seem to be guests, just like us. Stick with the email or other direct contact, rather than posting here (which is manned by non-employees like us.)

Does the “arduino at heart” program still exist? I don’t see it mentioned on the main website any more...