My Arduino-driven robotic MIDI reed organ

Hey all.

Its possible you've seen my project elsewhere already (reddit). Anyway, for my high school senior project I've modified a 1916 Estey 88-key piano-cased reed organ to be MIDI-operated. It uses 88 solenoids, 6 custom driver boards, 3 Arduino Megas, and a whole lot of wire. So far I have around 500 hours and $600 put into it.

I got it fully put together around a month ago, and since then I've been working furiously to document it. I've been writing a huge Instructable, and tonight I finally finished. Its a monstrosity: 5800 words, 60+ images, and the complete source code and design files.

You can see said Instructable here: MIDI-Controlled 88 Key Reed Organ With MIDI-Over-Bluetooth : 21 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables

There's a playlist of videos of it in action here: Flight of the Bumblebee on the DIY 88 key Player Reed Organ - YouTube

If anyone has any song requests I'll film and upload them!

Currently I'm working to get a pressure regulator working so that I can run the whole thing off a vacuum cleaner. Currently its foot pumped, and its being exhibited in a Maker Faire in a couple weeks and I don't want to foot pump it for 5 hours a day for 2 days.

Thanks for your interest. Design critiques and all questions are welcomed. And if anyone wants any of my 16-channel MOSFET solenoid driver boards, let me know :slight_smile: I have a few extra around.