My Arduino is dead?

I'm testing right now my arduino with a step Motor NEMA17 using A4988 driver.
Suddenly, the motor stops.

I verify the Arduino was very hot.

I upload the blink program in arduino, but the 'L' led freezes 'ON' always.

I upload a program that write in Serial Port, but anyone was writed.

Exists a any form to format the Arduino or i lost it?

Best Regards,
Felipe Fonseca

"I verify the Arduino was very hot."

Was it supplying power to the A4988 driver? Or the motor?

Which part? The big '328P chip? The voltage regulator next to the barrel jack?
Spmething else?

I encoutered the same problem. But in my case I connected 5V output from L298 driver to 5V pin of arduino where I was supposed to connect in Vin of arduino. Doinh this my arduino got damn hot and I did upload the blink code and it say com port missing and L led freezes on

I even dont know the exact problem but as far as experts, they say that the chip rihght beside the serial port or usb is gone(since my com port is missing it says). So I was suggested to get a new one than repair. I hope your case might be somehow similar.