My Arduino not working

At first I was not good at Arduino I gave it about 12v by a modem power cable and watching it I thought of powering d13 led and gave 5v to its soldering but It didn’t glow instead my RX TX lights began glow continuously then I did that again and it stopped glowing the next day I was uploading code the Arduino was recognised but not uploading please help the rx tx lights and didn’t flash while uploading thanks in advance.

Power light is perfectly glowing

please help

Not sure what help you're asking for, but have you tried the loopback test explained at the top of the forum?




Nothing came

Sorry it wasn't recognised

If the Arduino is not recognized, you blew the 16U2 chip or that chip no longer gets enough power.

Use a volt meter to measure the voltage on the 5V pin.

If the Arduino is an Uno with a long narrow chip (Dual-In-Line version of the 328), you can remove that chip and try the loopback test again. Also fheck if the voltage is about 5V on the 5V pin. If that loopback fails again, buy a new Arduino; if it passes and the voltage is ok, buy a new 328 micro (with optiboot bootloader pre-loaded) and try again.

I don't want uno to be used. Can it atleast be used for programming another MCU .I mean like Atmega 32